Youth Occupational Therapy Services 

Mobile and Telehealth Youth-Friendly (ages 12-25) services when you need it, where you need it and how you need it to help you live life with less limits.

Functional Assessments and Reports 

Therapy Programs 

Assistive Technology and Home Modifications

Functional Assessments and Reports

We provide comprehensive NDIS functional assessments and reports to support you with identifying goals, required supports and therapy options. 


Getting started with support

When you send a referral to us for a functional assessment, an occupational therapist will contact you to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. Typically, functional assessments take 1-3 hours and are split up between several sessions to allow for rest.

Functional assessments take can place in your home or in the community. Online telehealth services are also available for those outside of our service area or who would prefer online. 


The Assessment

During your assessment your occupational therapist will work to understand your condition and how it impacts on your day-to-day life. This typically involves a semi-structured interview, the use of assessment tools and observation of you completing tasks.


Next steps

Following the assessment, the OT will write an NDIS functional assessment report for you to provide to your support coordinator or local area coordinator. The OT will discuss their recommendations with you and work with you to develop a treatment plan if necessary.  

Tailored for you.

  • We can also assist you with accessing the NDIS by providing clinical reports to support your application.  
  • If you do not need a full functional assessment for NDIS funding, then a shorter initial assessment will be used to help identify treatment goals before developing a therapy program.  

Therapy Programs (in-home or in-community) 

Following an initial or functional assessment, we will work with you to develop a therapy program suited to your individual goals. Therapy sessions take place in your home or in the community depending on your goals.  

Therapy programs look different for everyone and vary in length and frequency depending on your goals. Typically therapy sessions run on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Therapy programs are reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that therapy is beneficial and aligned with your goals and expectations. Your therapist will discuss their recommendations with you and work with you to identify the most appropriate path.   


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Eating disorders
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Developmental delays
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Intellectual disabilities

How we help:

  • Skill building
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) 
  • Strength building
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Play-based therapy
  • Routine building
  • Narrative therapy
  • Interoception training
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Assistive Technology and Home Modifications 

If you are unsure whether occupational therapy is suitable for you, please use the "contact us" form and Ellen will respond to discuss your individual circumstances.

Assistive Technology and Home Modifications 

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology includes equipment or aids that supports a person to engage in the activities they need and want to engage in. When correctly prescribed and used, assistive technology can improve ease, safety and independence.

Before prescribing assistive technology, we use a thorough assessment process to understand your individual needs and find the most appropriate and safe options for you to consider. 

We also provide education in the safe use of your assistive technology. 

Home Modifications

Everglow Therapy understands how small changes to your environment can make big differences.

Through a functional assessment we may identify environmental changes that can assist you to live more comfortably at home.

We can assist with simple home modifications (up to $10,000).
Examples: simple ramp, cabinetry alterations, door automation, grab rails and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapists (OT) work with you to improve your independence, manage day to day tasks and achieve life goals. OTs typically break tasks into three different categories and can assist with any of these or multiple:

  • Productive tasks: these can include your paid work, volunteering, schoolwork, parenting and play for children.
  • Self-care: These are the things we do to remain active and independent in our everyday lives, including showering, getting dressed, cooking and eating.
  • Leisure: The things we do for relaxation, play and enjoyment, such as reading, playing sports, listening or playing music.

OTs use a variety of interventions to assist you to achieve your goals. These can include:

- Learning new skills, analysing and breaking tasks down
- Routine building
- Psychological strategies
- Mindfulness techniques
- Strength building
- Play-based therapy
- Narrative therapy
- Assistive technology
- Home modifications

Therapy programs are designed with your unique situation, interests and goals in mind.

How do I pay for my appointments?

Everglow therapy accepts NDIS self-managed and plan managed clients and private (including with Medicare and private health plans) clients.

Self-managed NDIS and privately paying clients can pay via direct bank deposit following your therapy session. To receive any applicable rebates, you will need to submit your paid invoice to your funding provider, Medicare or health insurance.

Plan managed NDIS clients can submit their plan manager details to Everglow Therapy on referral and session invoices will be emailed to your plan manager for payment.

See Service Agreement for full details.

What ages of patients do you see?

Everglow Therapy is specially designed with young people in mind. We accept clients from the age of 12-25 years old.

If you or your loved one falls just outside of this age range, but you feel that we could help, please write to us in the contact form and we will call you to discuss whether our service may be suitable for you.

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds costs associated with disability.

What is the NDIS? - YouTube

If you believe you are eligible for the NDIS and would like an OT support letter to assist your application, please get in contact.

Do you offer online telehealth appointments?

Yes we do, if you would like online appointments, please specify this in your referral or contact request form.

Do I need a medical referral to see an OT?

No, you do not need a referral from a GP or other health professional. We accept self-referrals or referrals from a support person.

What is the process after I contact Everglow Therapy?

When you submit a referral or contact request form through the website, Ellen will call you during working hours to discuss your referral or question.

During the call Ellen may ask some further questions about your goals and what supports you are looking for to make sure that we can help you. She will also ask you if you have any questions about the process.

If an assessment or therapy is agreed, we will find a suitable time to schedule your first appointment. Initial appointments typically run for 1 hour, however these sessions can be longer or shorter depending on your individual situation. Sessions can take place at your home or in the community.

Following your initial appointment your therapist will discuss with you the need for further assessments or recommendations for therapy and write required reports.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel your appointment please email as soon as possible.

For NDIS clients, we charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the session cost if a cancellation is made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment in line with the NDIS guidelines. 

For privately paying clients, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the session cost if you cancel within 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment and 100% if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

If you have a question, please get in touch.